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Aspinwall Storage & Van are well known as the most efficient movers in Chesapeake, VA. Our knowledgeable, experienced team of proficient short or long-haulers Are dedicated to providing exceptional, quality services. Rest assured that when you call on our crew to oversee every aspect of you remove, you’ll always get excellent support. Without doubt, too, transferring to a new home can indeed be stressful. Add to that the worry about paying so much money for relocation services, and you may be tempted to go with an amateur team. Unfortunately, in the end, the result can be disastrous. While the price may sound good, to begin with – maybe even too good to be true – when all is said and done you may be stuck with an inflated invoice. So, how do you make sure you hire movers in Chesapeake, VA that are reliable and trustworthy? The answer: choose our trusted professionals at Aspinwall Storage & Van!

Quality Assistance from Movers in Chesapeake, VA

We can help make your relocation seamless when you opt for quality assistance from our movers in Chesapeake, VA. With a wide range of excellent services and flexible package solutions, we can create the ideal transfer plan for you, by including such services as:

  • High-grade moving supply delivery
  • Door to door shipment
  • Local, interstates or international transport
  • Onsite assistance for wrapping, boxing, and crating
  • Large item transport
  • Logistics management
  • Planning and organization for big and small moves
  • 24/7 customer support services
  • Assembly and reassembly of household furniture
  • Support with the configuration of electronics and entertainment systems
  • Set up help upon arrival


Besides providing you with top quality moving assistance, some of our additional services include:

International Door-to-Door service from Chesapeake Virginia
Document Storage and Management in Chesapeake Virginia
Specialized Relocation Department in Chesapeake Virginia
Fine Arts preparation and relocation in Chesapeake Virginia
Computerized Sales / Cost Preparation in Chesapeake Virginia
On-site 80ft. Scale / Certified Weighmasters in Chesapeake Virginia
On-site Household Goods & Commodity in Chesapeake Virginia
Distribution Warehouses With Loading Dock in Chesapeake Virginia
(overall available storage 110,000 sq. ft.)


At Aspinwall Storage & Van near Chesapeake Virginia, our goal is to eliminate the hassle of such an overwhelming task.  We understand all the ins and outs of the business and we understand how stressful it can be.  We have affordable options for everyone so that you can allow our experienced company to manage your move, yet at the same time save some money.  We have experienced move managers that will keep track of your move so you do not have to.


As your residential moving company, Aspinwall Storage & Van
near Chesapeake Virginia promises we will be by your side the whole way –
from the beginning of your move in Chesapeake VA to completion.
You will be given a personal move manager, who will
take care of every need that you can think of, and even some you
can’t.  Though your move may be a short distance or long distance,
our experienced staff will plan every last detail.  Our goal is to save
you time and money so you can spend it elsewhere.


Aspinwall Storage & Van Company near Chesapeake Virginia has been providing moving and storage services for over 95 years in the Hampton Roads area of VA.  Over that time, our business has developed a strong positive reputation with all of our customers.  Our movers are professional and handle all of your items with intense care.

Temporary Storage

At Aspinwall Storage & Van Company near Chesapeake Virginia we understand that sometimes it is not possible to have your items moved into your new location right away.  That is why we offer temporary storage for your needs.  Temporary storage allows you many options including seasonal storage, house hunting or simply overcrowded items in your household.

Permanent Storage

Aspinwall Storage & Van Company in Norfolk Virginia also provides long-term permanent storage for your needs.  Our professionals will carefully store your items in our clean sufficient warehouses for as long as you wish.  We have stored fine antiques from notable historical sites for as many as 40+ years and when the shipment was delivered the furniture was in pristine condition.  We are serving you as the customer and at a simple phone call we will deliver your permanent storage via local or international.

Should you need warehousing solutions for your storage problems, Aspinwall Storage & Van can provide clean, modern facilities for temporary safekeeping. Whether it’s a last-minute solution or assistance you’ve reserved in advance, our locations can maintain small or large loads for short or long-term. We offer options that are fully flexible, granting you a means to store your furniture, seasonal equipment, decorations, valuables, musical instruments, and other items for whatever amount of time is necessary. Since they will be safely stored indoors, you won’t have to worry about breakage or damage due to fluctuations in temperature. As well, your belongings will be safe from weather conditions.

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