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Testimonials for Aspinwall and Security Storage & Van Co.

Aspinwall Storage & Van Co. prides itself in offering quality service and the highest quality of moving, storage and shipping available. See what our customers are saying about us below. If you would like to send us your comments, please contact us.

“I was definitely, extremely satisfied. From the team who packed in Chesapeake to the team who delivered in PA, things went very well. The move from and to were 3rd floors moves. A lot for anyone. Both teams were personable and efficient. Your scheduling of this move made my life and my transition very smooth. You were also very accommodating! You answered my emails and calls very quickly. It’s not easy pulling up your roots and moving to a new state but your professionalism made it as easy as possible. Thank you Jennifer! Thank you,”
Kim H.
“Miranda and Dominique are outstanding women – you’re lucky to have them on staff”
Joanie and Bob W.
“Perfect! THANK YOU GUYS! I have nothing but amazing things to say.”
Craig W.
“Thanks Kellie – You have been a rock star to work with! Grace and I are very thankful for your help, moving is always a bit stressful but you were extremely helpful. Great job!”
Sean M. VA – NC
Hi Lisa, I just wanted to say how much I appreciate all of your help in coordinating my move to Florida. You have responded quickly to emails and phone calls and have answered my many questions. You have always been friendly, courteous and knowledgeable. It has been a pleasure to work with you. Thanks!
Dona, Thank you so much for sending your A TEAM for our move last week! All 3 were so professional, efficient, knowledgeable and they worked great as a team. They started each day early and completed each task ahead of their planned schedule. The move was flawless and went exactly as Kellie described the plan. Kellie followed up daily to ensure there were no issues and that we were happy with the process. Thank you again for making this move painless and perfect! Take care,
Pat and Chip Bohlen
Hi Dona, I just wanted to thank you for everything you did for us. Your crew made this move painless!! The driver Daniel and his wife were amazing as well as the crew he had on each end. Nothing was broken or missing and even though they had4 flights of stairs to climb on this end, the crew stayed spirited all day…they were awesome!! Thank you so much,Tami
Lisa, Thank you so much for all the help in planning our move – everything went so smoothly and the guys were great on both ends! We really appreciate the advice you gave, along with the personal touch you provided. You put us at ease and all was as stress-free as possible for us. We had not moved in 13 years so were kind of dreading it but all went well! All the best,
Barbara & Dave R
Nancy, Beth, Brenda,

Storage and Van Company (5786 Sellger Dr.; Norfolk, VA 23503) move my mother’s items because of her move into a memory care unit. I would like to recommend that company to you for your moves. They were extremely helpful before and during the move. I was given boxes, paper, and tape for wrapping before the move. They were to arrive between 9:00 – 11:00 AM and they showed up at 9:01 AM! The three men who performed the move were professional, courteous, and worked like a well-oiled machine. They were able to anticipate the needs of the others and because of this were extremely efficient. When they packed the storage unit, they put all of the pieces together like a detailed puzzle. Please contact Dona Overstreet (dona@bigorangetruck.com) if you wish to use their services.
Dona: I want to thank you and your team for the excellent job of getting my brother Albert G moved this week. I have never experienced such a smooth and stress free move. Your team on Tuesday was efficient, considerate, well organized and helpful. They are to be commended for a job Very Well Done! I am glad I had the opportunity to meet you. I’ll let you know if I am able to attend the Aging Meeting in September. Thanks for the information about this organization. My sincerest thanks for making my brother’s move so smooth.
Betty M
Lisa, You do the nicest things. I appreciate everything! Thank You
Dear Lisa, It was a splendid move and you are the greatest! Thanks for all that you did on our behalf. Best Wishes,
Nancy & Vic Stauch
Good Morning Joyce, I just wanted to send a quick email to let you know how pleased we were with our current move. From the beginning to the end, our movers were very professional, helpful, and all around extremely nice. They made a difficult and tedious task more enjoyable. Thank you so very much for everything!!
Lamar and Casandra Barrett
Scott, Anton and Anthony did a great job moving my son Matt from Portsmouth to Charleston. Despite the hottest and most humid day of the year, they got it all done in four hours. I know you are very proud of your hard working guys. Please thank them again for taking good care of my son.
Jim Gehman
Our good friend and wonderful realtor, Maria Kania, referred your company to us as we prepared to relocate to The Villages in Florida. I want you to know how absolutely fantastic your staff has treated us. First, Joyce Ortman was great in talking with us and showing us how to pack certain items, preparing a good estimate, and even returning to bring us boxes during the packing process. Yesterday, your big orange truck showed up right on time. Drew, James, Jeff, and David immediately introduced themselves and were all very polite. DC also helped with some crates during the day. They each knew exactly what their assignment was for the day. We were amazed at how well they worked together. We were also very pleased with the care they took packing fragile items. I think those items could be thrown off of a two story building and would not break. The speed at which they worked made me tired just watching them. The only break they took was a very short lunch break. We have never seen a group of workers that were so well coordinated. Your company will now store our furniture for about six months as we build a new home. We are very confident that when we receive our shipment this fall, it will be just as good as when they put it on the truck. Thanks for the great service!
Dear Dawn, I was in the DPS program and able to successfully accept all the residual offers, including the one for the lamp. I gave the moving company a grade of 100 and I can’t thank you enough for your flexibility and exceptional customer service. Security Storage & Van Co. has my absolute highest recommendation for continued retention by DoD as the mover of choice. Sincerely,
Francis Tisak
Dear Ms. Overstreet, I recently moved to Denver with your company, and wanted to tell you what a gem Joyce is. I got estimates from several moving companies and the quotes were not dissimilar. What made the difference was Joyce. She was very knowledgeable and professional, but mainly she was warm and caring and helpful, and that was before I signed the contract. After I signed, she was incredibly helpful, making countless trips to me house with boxes. No other company would have done that, I know. She came the day of the move to make sure everything was going OK. I am going to send an email to my many friends in Hampton Roads to let them know of my wonderful experience with Allied because of Joyce. The driver, Ronald from Houston, and his brother and uncle, were also outstanding. Very polite, worked efficiently and quickly, kept me informed as to time of arrival. You are fortunate to have such good people working for you.
Evelyn Hammond
Dear Joyce, I can’t thank you enough for making a very stressful time in our lives less so. From day one you have been attentive and organized, even when I wasn’t! Our move necessitated packing, storage, vehicle storage, interstate transport and move out cleaning…you managed to stage it all perfectly. In the last 7 years we have undertaken 5 interstate moves with numerous moving companies and your services stand out. Lastly, I want to say what a true pleasure it was to work with Scott, Anton, and Dave. This crew was organized, had great teamwork and communication skills. Scott took special care to take note of all high value boxes and Anton and Dave used some of the finest teamwork I’ve witnessed lately to get a huge heavy desk into a very tiny home office. Thanks guys! You worked miracles! Also, this move took the shortest time to pack and unload of any moving service we’ve ever used. My only question is: Can I Please have you all again during our next move?
With gratitude,
The Cooper Family Jon, Jessie, Julia, Josie, & Jonny
To the powers that be a Security Storage – I recently experienced the pleasure of having an interstate move completed by your company. It’s so seldom these days that one can write a glowing review of any company but this is surely an exception. While receiving great reviews should be the norm when doing business, it’s sad to say that it isn’t. When I first went online to get moving quotes, I was inundated with calls from four other companies. In varying degrees, they all irritated me – too pushy, too demanding, too **we need the money NOW** I spoke to what sounded like teenagers that had no idea what basic furniture was, I spoke to aggressive sales people, I spoke to people that told me I couldn’t possibly find a moving company that would do what you did easily ….
Mrs. Thaddeus Wallace wanted me to pass on to everyone how pleased she was with her move. She went on to praise our packers/movers and to say that nothing was damaged or broken in their move from Norfolk to Montana. Kudos!
Dawn Robertson, Receptionist Security Storage & Van of Norfolk 5786 Sellger Drive Norfolk, VA 23502

January 23, 2012
Security Storage & Van Company
Attn: Jenifer Phillips
5786 Sellger Drive
Norfolk, VA 23502
Dear Ms. Phillips,

The Congregations at JEB Little Creek Chapel wish to thank Security Storage & Van Company for the donation of 30 shipping boxes and tape for the “Stockings for the Troops” project from September-December 2011. Your contribution to the project enabled the Chapel to pack and send 1392 stockings and care packages to units in Bahrain, Afghanistan, South Korea, Iraq, Spain, GITMO and Italy. Your donation is greatly appreciated by the members of the Little Creek Chapel and the recipients of the morale packages. Words alone cannot express our gratitude for your caring support.
Sincerely, Department of the Navy Command Chaplain
Joyce, Joyce, I just wanted to let you know the crew you sent us was amazing. They were all very helpful and did a great job. My wife and I know we made the best choice by using allied again. Thank you for everything. Hope you and your family have a great holiday. Thanks,
My name is Shannon McCullar, and I recently used your services through TMO. You guys sent Ron, T Davis, Stas (movers) and Jeff and Martha Hiser (unpacks) to my house last Fri, Nov 4th. I got your info from Ron, because I told him I wanted to contact you (a manager, or someone) regarding their services. We were VERY reluctant to use TMO, or any other mover to move our stuff. We have heard so many negative things that have happened; from broken things, to stolen things. But after months of talking, we decided to do a partial move because I have chronic back pain (need surgery), fibromyalgia, 2 young kids, and a husband who is rarely home to help because he is always training. We hoped using movers would lessen the stress all the way around. It did, very much!! Ron, T Davis, and Stas were the ones to deliver our things last week, Friday, Nov. 4th. I just wanted to bring to your attention how wonderful they were to us. They were very courteous, considerate, helpful, friendly, clean, and all the good things I had hoped to have in our movers. They didn’t leave a mess behind, and they were very prompt. They really were an exception to the rule of all the horror stories that I’ve heard. I hope that when it comes time to move again, that we are lucky enough to have movers just like them. I have absolutely no complaints whatsoever on these guys that you sent. So thank you for making our move a wonderful and stress-free experience!!! Now, we also hired some other movers to move the rest of our stuff, and I had SO much stuff broken, very important things! I am very upset about it, because they are sentimental things, valuable things, and important things. There were many items that were broken. MANY! With TMO, I haven’t found one broken item yet. Needless to say, I’ll never use that company again! Thank you again for sending wonderful movers out to our house!!! We felt 100% comfortable with them and we were always on the same page as them, and communication was wonderful!!
Shannon McCullar

Mr. And Mrs. Michael Stewart Carter
2041 William Penn Way
Lancaster, Pennsylvania 17601

Ms. Joyce Ortman and Ms. Donna Overstreet
Security Storage & Van Company
5786 Sellger Drive
Norfolk, Virginia 23502

Dear Ms. Ortman and Ms. Overstreet:
Shannon McCullar
This letter comes to you in great delay, as it has taken us a considerable amount of time to finalize our January 2010 relocation from Olde Towne Portsmouth. We are settling nicely into our new home in Pennsylvania; slowly but surely, one box a t a time is being eliminated. Our move to “Amish Country” was a good one, and we would like to take this opportunity to share with you how much we valued the service Security Storage & Van Company provided our family.
First, we want to compliment Ms. Joyce Ortman on the wonderful kindness and patience you offered us as we took nearly two full years to figure out where we were moving. The daunting logistics of successfully vacating our beloved home, partially depositing our belongings into a storage unit, and organizing a separate move from a small apartment to a lager townhouse were perfectly planned. Your expert assistance with “number-crunching” to figure out the storage unit’s exact size was invaluable. Every communication we received from you was filled with respect and professionalism. Your genuine and calming nature continually ease our minds and made us feel we could honestly trust you, the packers, and the staff of Security Storage & Van Company. We were also impressed with your unannounced visit to our home on the fist packing ay to regroup with the packers about the timeline. Our move could have been a grueling and highly stressful experience, and instead Joyce, you hung in there with us and made the entire experience a good one.
Almost every piece of glassware and china, the furniture and rugs, the décor and artwork, were inherited antique items from our families. All our ancestors who once owned these things have passed on, which makes the value of each item virtually priceless in our hearts. We would like to offer our most sincere gratitude to the packers for taking such good care of our belongings, and we especially want to recognize the outstanding efforts of Mr. Corey Eugene Creekmore, Mr. Jermaine Reid, and Mr. Branley Baxter. These men literally held our lies in their hands. They each had a warm and friendly attitude, and were patient with us when we felt the need to “over” o make sure some pieces ere tended to with the greatest care. They each were marvelously professional, efficient in their movements, kind with their senses of humor, and strong as oxen. Their capabilities and willingness to do the best job they possibly could for our family shined; we knew throughout the long day of loading that we were in the best of hands. Ms. Overstreet, we hope you will forward these positive reviews to all the leadership at Security Storage & Van Company, and if you ever need to hand-select the best loaders, these gentlemen are the ones to choose.
The day of delivery was one of the most bitterly cold days we had this winter. Our driver, Mr. Scott Foreman, was essential to the success of the day. His careful labeling and categorizing of items was literally to perfection, and it was clear that he is greatly respected amongst the packers and loaders. His proficient communication with them was phenomenal, and the teamwork he instilled as a leader was a blessing. He worked so well with us to ensure we were pleased and relaxed throughout our experience. Mr. Baxter and Mr. Foreman worked beautifully together placing our belongings on the truck, and the delivery in Pennsylvania was masterfully orchestrated by them both. We thank Mr. Foreman especially for ensuring all things were accomplished not half-way, but the RIGHT way. We are particularly indebted to Mr. Baxter because he took great pride in arranging how items would be placed and stacked in the storage unit. To describe Mr. Baxter as “Type A” is an understatement, and we literally would have been lost without his kindness, his talent, and calculating organizational skills.
We thank you ALL for the fantastic customer service our family received throughout the total experience of our move. If we ever needed o move again, we would specifically request Ms. Ortman as our sales representative, the same packers for whom we have already provided glowing feedback, the same driver, and all the gentlemen listed above to load and unload. We send our most heartfelt gratitude to you all, and seriously hope this letter will be passed on the highest levels of leadership at Security Storage & Van Company, so that our positive experience with these staff members can be acknowledged accordingly.

Ann M. Carter and Michael S. Carter

Joyce, Thank you so much for your help. I was sure this move was going to be a horrible experience with my husband at sea. You have helped make this a seamless move for me. Thank you so much!
Casey Maunowski

Mr. Henry Aspinwall, President
Security Storage & Van Co.
5786 Seller Dr.
Norfolk, VA 23502

Dear Mr. Aspinwall:
This autumn, we completed a contract with Security Storage & Van Co. for a household Move. This contract covered complete services from packing through unpacking with maid service for placing items in cabinets and closets. I would like to take this opportunity to express how very impressed my husband and I were with the professionalism of your staff.
Our assigned relocation consultant, Ms. Courtney Coe, PSA is of extraordinary character and demonstrated her willingness to provide exceptional service; service that met our detailed requirements. With a contract value of approximately $10,000.00, our move consisted of specialized handling of our custom furniture, substantial fine European china, several paintings and other various valuable household items. We moved from Virginia to the state of Florida. We did solicit other moving companies; however, as a result of Mr. Coe’s customer oriented presentation and desire to meet all of our detailed needs- not only through your organization but through her personal monitoring of our relocation- the contract was given to your organization. There is no doubt that Ms. Coe is a tremendous asset to your organization; she is of great benefit to your customers which are fortunate enough to have her as a consultant.
Additionally, we would like to also point out that our assigned driver, Scott Foreman, provided the most expertise that we have ever seen in our nine moves across the country in the last decade. Scott’s management of his staff was admirable and provided us with the best possible results for our move from start to finish (Scott provided the unloading, unpacking and placing of articles in the cabinets etc. at the Florida destination.) Scott has a unique ability to make the customer feel that they are the most important aspect of the move and that all possible requirements will be met with the highest degree of professionalism and courtesy.
Thank you, Mr. Aspinwall, for the use of your services with a staff that demonstrated the highest level of professionalism. Please share our comments with Ms. Coe and Mr. Foreman


Dawn Willemsen
Flip Aspinwall
Allied Van Lines
5786 Sellger Dr.
Norfolk, VA 23502

Ms. Willemsen and Mr. Aspinwall

We used Allied in our recent move to Florida and had a couple exceptional experiences, so we felt compelled to write you.

Our introduction to Allied was by a most impressive woman named Joyce Ortman. We received five quotes from various moving companies, and we have to admit that we’d have gone with another company had it not been for Joyce. She has a wonderful personality and just the right touch of professionalism. Allied was not the least expensive quote; however, the fact that Joyce was so much more thorough than any other agent impressed us the most. We have never received a more accurate estimate, and the time she spent making the estimate didn’t take as long as you’d expect for her accuracy. She is an incredible asset to Allied.

We also must mention another great asset to your company which was our wonderful driver, Danny Dillard (I hope I have his last name correct.) A more professional and helpful driver cannot exist in any moving company. In all aspects of our move from initial inventory to loading to transport to unloading, Danny was the epitome of a class act. Even though we experienced a few minor incidences (with the packing and unloading.) Danny never flinched and rose above ever given situation. He worked as hard or harder than everyone else and gave more than 100% in all aspects of his involvement with our move. He definitely went above and beyond the expected job of a driver. Not only is he the hardest working driver in the industry, he is very nice, interesting and fun to work with.

If we ever need moving services or know of anyone needing moving services, we would definitely recommend Allied and recommend Joyce Ortman and Danny Dillard and tell people to ask for them personally.

Obviously, there can sometimes be problems, and we had a few, but none related to Joyce or Danny. We had a few minor problems with our packing which caused some damage and loss, and during the unloading there was a gentleman who didn’t work as hard as the others, but none of this reflects on the terrific job Danny and Joyce provided. You are very fortunate to have two such upstanding individuals representing Allied.

Overall, we had a terrific experience with Allied, especially due to Joyce and Danny’s involvement, and we will highly recommend Allied to everyone needing moving services.


To Security Storage & Van Company
Outstanding service from Regina and Tamia. Would love for them to pack us out again. They took great care when packing my items. Very personal and friendly service that made me feel very comfortable.
Lt. Cody
I wanted to let you know that I spoke with both Mr. and Mrs. Alzuleta today during delivery and they were both very pleased with the crew you had on the job. There was an incident where some screws for the bunk beds couldn’t be found, but it was not a reflection on your crew. Ronnie looked through the paper on the truck a time or two for the screws and they just weren’t there. Mr. Alzuleta called me a bit later and said they were found in a box of children’s toys… No clue why the origin agent would put them there and then not even mark the box to let someone know. They were found as the crew was getting ready to leave and Ronnie told them if they found all the hardware and wanted them to come back out to put the beds together to call the office and they would. So your crew did a fine job, no complaints and the customer is very happy. Thank you and them very much.
Scott Foreman is a tremendous asset to a Allied – A gentleman and a true professional. My wife said it best – “From the moment he arrived, I knew everything would run smoothly” and it did! Moves stink, but this one smelled like a rose!
Hi Joyce, Wanted to let you know that the move went flawlessly and that Scott and Baxter were terrific. We have two items, one of which Scott is aware, that are still missing and we have unpacked everything. The first, of which Scott is aware, is a wheel for my Mom’s double bed. Somehow we were left with 3 wheels on the bed posts and not 4. Scott asked that we call back to the house in Nags Head and have the new owners search the garage which they did to no avail. Secondly, we’re missing the lamp shade bracket and finial for Mom’s standing lamp. It was a normal bracket but with a crystal finial atop. We can’t find it anywhere. If you could ask Scott if he could do a little searching, we would be appreciative. Otherwise, the move was uneventful; the way it should be. All the best. Rudy